A new trend in acoustic music around the states is hiring artists to throw a concert at your house. The concerts are intimate, and all in attendance get an up close view of the music making right in your own home, with stories and in-depth details about each piece of music. Here are some things you should keep in mind, and be prepared for to have an exciting and memorable house concert:

1) Have a space large enough for 25-50+ chairs, or spots that people can sit comfortably in
2) Have 25- 50 chairs 
3) Charge a cover of $20. I collect 100% of the cover, and you don't have to pay me a separate fee 
4) Decide whether you want the concert private or open to the public. Invite your friends over. If you want me to invite some fans, I will send out a notification to my fans. 
5) Send reminders a week in advance to your guests
6) Enjoy my music in the comfort of your own home
7) Enjoy the concert? Tell your friends, and let's do it again sometime! 

I will do house concerts around the Minnesota/Wisconsin/Iowa area. Preferably Minnesota, as it's my home state, and I don't have to travel so far. 
I require a minimum of 25 confirmed guests in order to play the concert. 

Here is an interesting link about what you can expect at a house concert, and why they are so unique! 

Interested in having a concert in your house? Contact me, and we can go from there!
Here's a great link to help people discover the greatness and intrigue of a house concert: 
What is a house concert?